Birdham CE Primary School

E-Safety Zone

Children at Birdham CE Primary School use the Internet on a regular basis as part of their learning. Technology enhances learning, and we at Birdham want to ensure pupils get the most from it, by encouraging responsible online behaviour.

In school, we use a filtering system to prevent children accessing inappropriate sites. We also have regular 'e-safety' activities to remind children of the importance of keeping themselves safe online.

At home, sometimes children can be given unsupervised access to the Internet. This, potentially, allows them to access all kinds of society (both good and bad) and bring them virtually into their homes.

Here are just two top tips and some useful links to help you to keep your children safe online:

Keep your computer in a shared area:

Talk to your child about what they are doing online and, if possible, set up your computer in a shared area at home so that you can all share in the wonderful sites that are available online.

Make sure your children do not use age restricted websites e.g. facebook. Many of these sites have a minimum age of 13, so our children should not be using them.

E-Safety for Parents

If you need any further advice or support, please do ask us.  Most families have similar challenges and we can offer some other guidance to help life at home be safe as possible.  Here are some links to other sites where you can find some useful advice:

E-Safety Team

We have an active e-Safety team in our school.  These positions are elected democratically from within each class.  The team for 2023-24 is made up of:

Miss Newman

E-Safety leader


Robin Class


Goldfinch Class


Peacock Class


Golden Eagle Class


Kingfisher Class


Head Boy


Head Girl


The group meet on a regular basis to discuss e-Safety matters, work through priorities and set strategies for E-Safety going forward at our School. The group have a broad knowledge and are a point of reference or contact for Parents, Staff or Pupils should anyone have any concerns or questions on any matter regarding E-Safety.

School E-Safety Policy