Birdham CE Primary School

School Term Dates / HOLIDAYS

Term dates for all maintained schools in West Sussex are determined centrally and are available on the West Sussex County Council home page. You can also view them by clicking on the link below.

West Sussex County Council:School Term Dates

INSET dates for the current academic year [2023/24]

INSET stands for In-Service Education and Training days, and are the five statutory days when all schools close to children, to allow update training for teachers.  The dates are different in every school, but are typically at the very beginning or very end of each term.  (This goes a little way to allowing parents to go on holiday a day earlier or come back a day later!)

Friday 1st September 2023
Monday 4th September 2023
Tuesday 2nd January 2024
Monday 19th February 2024
Friday 24th May 2024

Please note, however, that we strongly discourage any pupil absence during term time for holidays.  Additionally, the headteacher and governors will recommend that any family that takes five days unauthorised holiday, will be reported to the Local Authority and it is they who will issue Fixed Penalty Notices to each parent for each child. This is an agreed practice across all Chichester Primary schools.