Birdham CE Primary School

OUR School Prayer

We know that it is important for children's spiritual and mental wellbeing to be able to reflect and pray. We keep a reflection area in each classroom, and a central one in our school waiting area where children (and adults) like to place a prayer pebble in the jar when they make a quick thought prayer to God.

Every other year we host a Prayer Space – typically 3 days of both timetabled and free flow children entering the space in our school hall, especially made to allow all to express prayer creatively and at their own pace.  Staff, governors and parents comment on how it makes them feel ‘different’.

Whilst our children still recite the Lord's Prayer and the Prayer of St Richard, unsurprisingly their favourite prayer is the one that they collaboratively produced in 2023.  They were sure they wanted it to be personal to Birdham, and each verse mirrors our school vision:

Love Learning ~ Love Our World ~ Love Each Other